Michael Jackson

Legacy – Tribute to Michael Jackson

William Hall is not only a world class performer, singer, dancer entertainer but the creator and star of his hit show “The Legacy”.  With his dynamic showmanship he embodies the voice, dance, character and persona of Michael Jackson to perfection.  William has appeared and performed in venues all over the world from Las Vegas to Berlin.  William has entertained and worked with artists such as Diana Ross, Katherine and Joe Jackson and Jermaine Jackson just to name a few and many more.  William was also the winner of “The World’s Greatest Double” in Europe in 2008 and is known throughout the industry as simply the best!

Starting his career in Los Angeles, California at a very early age William has taken his talents to many different platforms.  Performing in Las Vegas throughout the 90’s, Europe and Asia in the 2000’s and later moving on to creating his own show.  Throughout his many journeys he was able to develop other talents such as show producer/director, music production/multimedia and engineer.  William later moved on to create his own show in 2014 which made its debut in 2015.

Being able to collaborate with actual Michael Jackson team members, musicians and dancers he was able to produce the most dynamic production to what “The King Of Pop” was actually doing himself.  Together with his exceptional cast, William has recreated the soul and passion of MJ’s music from his amazing vocals to identical choreography to the replica of costumes and so much more.  “The Legacy” displays the most authentic and electrifying Michael Jackson concert experience you will see in the world!

(Legacy International Technical Rider)