La Jolla Booking Agency

 “Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities”

                                                                                             - Our Motto




La Jolla Booking is a boutique agency based in Los Angeles County which has carved out a unique niche in the entertainment landscape by guiding the careers of a select but diverse roster of clients. We develop a personalized strategy to assist our artists in reaching their career dreams and specifically market with those goals in mind. We purposefully represent a small number of acts so that we can devote all of our resources to both serving our clients and addressing every concern of the promoters. From contract to curtain, our unparalleled attention to detail makes each business experience mutually satisfying.







Interested in booking one of our artists?  Telephone us at (562) 480-7951 or email Let us know if you’d like our artist’s electronic press kit sent to you by email or snail mail. Also let us know the name of your company and the type of event you are planning.

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